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K-beauty: Why Korean skincare is so popular?

K-beauty: Why Korean skincare is so popular?

K-beauty is booming and not planning to go away any time soon. But what Korean beauty stands for or is it just a smart marketing trick?

Why Korean beauty?

Korea has one of the world’s fastest-growing and technically advanced beauty industries in the world. 

To point out, South Korean women spend more than twice as much on makeup and beauty products than American women. Specifically skincare. Skincare takes the biggest part in Korean beauty revenue and no doubt it’s booming all over the world. In fact, the traditional Korean beauty routine includes 18 to 24 products every day

Beauty is part of Korean culture

As has been mentioned, skincare is a big part of Korean culture and as a matter of fact, here are some key points making Korea like no other country in the beauty industry.  

  • More than 60% of Korean women have at least one cosmetic surgery in their 20s.
  • The most common graduation present from family is actually cosmetic surgery.
  • Spa is a big part of Korean lifestyle and it’s open 24/7!
  • Koreans are highly educated about skincare and ingredients in all the beauty products.
  • Seoul is the world’s epicenter of beauty and skincare.
  • Korea is the most innovative nation in the beauty industry.
  • K-beauty is now the leader in the global skincare industry.

What are some biggest Korean skincare innovations coming in 2021?

  • Artificial intelligence in skincare

Artificial intelligence and personalized skincare products has been emerged as the topic of beauty tech in 2020. To demonstrate, the world 1st Smartest All-in-one Multi-Function Smart Makeup Mirror was created by Korea-based ICON.AI. Smart Mirror uses artificial intelligence to support skin diagnosis.

  • Gold PTT Acne treatment

Photothermal therapy (PTT) is the electromagnetic radiation treatment for various health conditions. The medical reports show the possibility of gold nanoshell-mediated PTT as an effective treatment for recurrent acne patients, leaving little to no risk of pigmentation.

  • DNA inspired skincare

DNA plays a big part in the skincare game. Science believes that most skin conditions and even skin glow depend on human genetics.  However, scientists are trying to develop ways to manipulate our genes to produce a better appearance of our skin.



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