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What is a Glow Toner and why do you need one in your life?

What is a Glow Toner and why do you need one in your life?

More and more brands are creating glow toners and promising precious results. But what exactly is a glow toner? And is it really different?

What is toner?

During the basic skincare routine, toner is always used as a second step, just after cleansing and before moisturizing the skin. The main purpose of a traditional toner is to remove the leftover dirt, balance the skin’s pH, and prepare the skin before adding hydrating and moisturizing products.

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What is the difference between the traditional toner and glow toner?

Although, both traditional and glow toners are used after cleansing. Their chemical formulas are pretty different and they can be used for different purposes. 

Traditional toner is normally a liquid infused with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, such as aloe vera, rose water, thyme, or similar. It also helps the skin to calm down and reduce irritation after cleansing. Sometimes traditional toners may contain alcohol to keep the oil balanced.  

Glow toner is much more intense and not as calming as a traditional one. Even though, they are also infused with hydrating or moisturizing ingredients, one of the main secrets in a glow toner is AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, e.g. glycolic and lactic acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy/salicylic acid).

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Why do I need AHA/BHA in my toner?

Acids help to exfoliate your skin in a much more intensive way than a usual cleanser. AHAs are one of the best-known ingredients removing dead skin cells. One of the reasons why our skin loses glow is the number of dead skin cells which are covering the healthy ones. For this reason, glow toner really helps to bring glow back to your skin.

Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids also help the skin to renew much faster. Therefore, glow toner can help to decrease dark spots, fine lines, or any other skin discolorations problems.

Acids can also improve elasticity for elder or more tired skin.

Can I use both, traditional and glow toner?

Yes, you can! You can create your own routine and use one of the toners in the morning and the other one in the evening, depending on the results you are trying to reach.

One thing to remember, glow toner will make your skin much more sensitive to the sun, so make sure to add some extra sunscreen!

Can glow toner be used on any skin type?

Yes. However, if you have sensitive skin you should be more careful when choosing the right glow toner. Acids can be a little harsh on the skin, and you may consider starting with a lower percentage.

There is also a difference between types of acids for different skin types. More about how to choose the right one you can find in AHA and BHA: Acids for the skin.  

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