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Lip Scrubs: For Juicy and Soft Lips

Lip Scrubs: For Juicy and Soft Lips

Science behind healthy lips

As a matter of fact, the skin on our lips is very different from the skin on our face and body. Unlikely our face, lips do not have hair follicles or sweat glands which provide lubrication and moisture to the skin. Furthermore, lips have a much thinner protective layer. Not to mention, it makes one of the most delicate type of skin on our whole body. 

Although, human lips have thin skin and are the most similar to the under-eye area, exfoliating our lips is a crucial part, in order to have a juicy and soft texture.

lip layers

Why is important to use lip scrubs?

To put it another way, lip dryness is a normal skin reaction due to lips not having sweat glands or other sorts of moisture. Therefore, to keep your lips soft and hydrated, you need to constantly remove the dry layer of the skin. 

Exfoliating your lips can help to improve lip texture, color, and even plumpness.

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